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Related article: Date : Tue, September 16, 2003 15 19th 29 -0700 ( PDT ) From: c. e. Jordan u003ccarlosio5 yahoo. com u003e Subject: BROOKLYN BLUES: Tyson and Shawn part 3 BROOKLYN BLUES: Tyson and Shawn c. e. Jordan zedzero5 hotmail. com u003e previous episode : " I do not hate you, but I do not play... that gay ** * things... " the body suddenly stiffened and rose Ty Shawn. back that was heading toward the open door to the room. This time, Shawn did not try to stop and sat on the bed, but he spoke rapidly, " Wait, Ty, I just say I have never Done Nothin ', well, nothing to do with \\ \\ n Go Ty Ty dass not hesitate please. " Tyson at the door, but do not turn around to face Shawn. with head bowed, murmured: "Why, why I stay? " " I... do not know, I only know with certainty at this time, no n always go.... __________________________________ BROOKLYN BLUES: Shawn Tyson PART 3 Tyson blinked, he had heard correctly What?What does that mean? that went to see Shawn on the edge of the bed sat with his head down , hands clasped tightly between the knees. At the moment his usual cold self-confidence was gone. Ty was a little surprised to see how we, as is small and lost. " Shawn, I'm not going anywhere, I stay... as long as you want me... at all. " Shawn was surprised by the small hand touched feel No shoulder. Tyson had not heard back in the room. something During this blank look ' black ' boy, with his round glasses and his s face funny, serious, made ​​him feel so strange... But, curiously, in a good way to. He had always felt "on guard", unlike other children. but is with Ty, for the first time he felt " normal" in and out. It s had the feeling that was going to give all his young life... Now, with Tyson, there is nothing to hide. For a moment the children were shy and timid to the other. Finally, the courage, in the eye. full of things to say, butthey do not have words to receive an eloquent silence. And the calm in the storm, the Board of was attacked by stray sounds snatched behind the window, random sounds of a child crying for the ball.. and more cars running on the distance. This vibrating noise filtering all that remains is connected to a world that seemed so distant. A sound loud rap music was his stomping coup began just below his window. This seemed to break the spell. Shawn smiled like crazy and suddenly began to friendly attack on the younger child. Ty grabbed a hug and a collapsed on the bed. Tyson laughed aloud, and who fought and rolled on the soft pile Shawn laundry. A pair of pants, a shirt, underwear fell to the ground, as they fought together in bed. Ty laughed even more when he began to Shawn tickled. "Oh, wait a minute... Shawn stop, stop...... my ​​glasses " out his jokes Shawn immediately. His body came to rest part orn the youngest child. His right leg was caught between Ty and is found by looking at his face flushed. But the round of vessel was half way and turned to go to one ear. Shawn stood up on his elbows and looked at Ty. It looked so young and so adorable perfectly. Slight increase in the glasses completely the face away from Ty, Shawn believes that the big brown eyes were the most beautiful things s I have ever seen. Never in his life someone had looked at how this child : hunger, misery, tame. It felt so... strong... however, as vulnerable. The boys were face to face for a minute, then carefully the lens to one side, sunken cheeks with both the boy Shawn hands. It was found accidentally touch Ty here and there... fascinated affected by short pink flower that appeared in all his dark fingertips. The finger continued tracing the double arches front of Nude Preteen Nymphets Tyson and stayed in a place in the temple and the pulse beatd only sensitive skin. It felt so natural, when Shawn was in his mouth, pulled the n erve. Tyson sighed. His heart was beating fast and sudden blood was surprised... and made him drive. " Oh God... oh God... " Shawn whispered, "I kiss you... and I likes. " It seemed like I could not believe what happened. But his lips continued his progression in the front and Ty under magnification. Nose. Pause. The eyelids. Pause. Ty up the chin a little and then brush your lips together... back and forth. Keusch opened and closed at first, Tyson at the mouth of instinct, flashing the preliminary offers Shawn wet. " Shawn... Shawn hear up there ?" A boy 's voice shouting in the courtyard outside the open windows.... The boys broke. "Shit". Shawn immediately got up and took a s rapid deep breathing. He leaves them little by little, a long stout ragged, torn. But Ty was, where he was for a time, studiednned, lacking the investigating the heat, tongue licking the back of his head behind the eyes... lack the weight that had pressed him, so sweet to bed. then has n Shawn also got up and went to the window. The teenager called China under his window. "What is happening? " Shawn asked. "Baby Boy has only been here... he says he wants to talk to you ` bout a thing... tonight at ten of the clock under the Arch of Clinton. " was Shawn Tyson quickly angered and withdrew from the image. then shouted angrily in China, was still there, " Will you shut the fuck up asshole, why are you screaming from my shop that? If you tell me something you know where the hell I n to live. " looking frightened, the young man stumbled a few steps back, " Uh... sorry Shawn, I had no idea... I'm sorry. " * *** " are you all right Shawn? " Still Standing in the window, an intense and introspective aspect had hold of the perfect face Shawn. If Tyson plays hpoor, was moved by small muscles below the skin bright brown, and waved his long eyelashes, as if just awakened. His soft features n when he saw the younger boy hit his Nude Preteen Nymphets face. " Hey, I'm mouse is fine, do not worry," he smiled, "China is only one idiot. " "Who is 'Baby Boy ' What is what you want with you? " " Just a guy I know... and he is a baby. "Shawn put his arm Tyson shoulder. "But it's very dark under the Arch of Clinton... in particular, that s late at night... why... " Interrupting Shawn, "" no "Man, do not worry, okay? I'll be fine... In addition, it's getting late... If you do not want your mother to get here now feels better... and remember, you still get Your e- mail from the mailbox below. " " Ah, yes... I forgot... everything about everything. " n **** male Shawn at the door suddenly shy. What I really wanted to do was to get Tyson before he went, he wanted to hug n again, or just runfingers through the curls. Instead, it has drove through his restless fingers thick mop own short dreadlocks. and whispered, "Um, I'm so glad Ty spoke to me today... " Tyson just smiled at his new friend. Her eyes, green as before, seemed to grow even larger, behind the round glasses. that , Nude Preteen Nymphets then turned to a matter of course ^ ^ x √ a word of farewell that never say, Shawn. " Wait until Ty... uh, uh, you think you can come and stay with me tonight ? We can play some games... watching movies, or something like "... My mother did not care, it's probably not even going to be home most of the time... "Shawn left embarrassed by the attack of the words , it sounded like he asks - ^ o ^ o, and perhaps... " I do not know... My mother rarely leaves me these things... but then, the summer and is next door, so I do not know... but I do right? " "Great! Do not forget ! " " Oh, no, I will not forget, "said Tyson, unconsciously, slipping new n with very proper British accent, and Shawn laughed. To be continued...
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